Spiedo alla bresciana

During the winter or by reservation, the "Brescian skewer" is prepared, with meat cooked directly on the fire with olive wood embers. Pieces of chicken, rabbit, and pork alternating with sage leaves are seasoned with Garda extra virgin olive oil mixed with Alpine malga butter and patiently cooked directly over the fire

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Bistecca Fiorentina
Florentine steak

Our specialty, Bistecca Fiorentina (Florentine steak) is selected from fine meats and grilled, strictly over olive wood embers, and served with flavored sea salt flakes. We offer it at the price of €4.00 per hg. (100 gr.)


Wine is undoubtedly an important component
or best enjoying the dishes,
so we have selected our labels
to include locally-produced wines
and some of the better-known national labels.

Homemade Pasta

The fresh pasta, ravioli and gnocchi are prepared by us every day.


If you pass by in the late morning you will smell from the kitchen the fragrance of freshly-baked apple pie. Would you prefer to end the evening with a tiramisu? Now you are in the right place!

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