House starter: Selection of cured meats, grilled vegetables, formaggella in oil,
omelette, polenta and gorgonzola, capponcello alla bresciana
€ 9.00

    Veal tartare on tuna sauce      
€ 12.00

Whipped codfish with potatoes, olive oil and polenta chips
€ 12.00

Citrus marinated brown trout salad
€ 12.00

"Carne salada" carpaccio with vegetable sweet and sour salad
€ 10.00


 Fresh homemade pasta

Potato and rocket gnocchi with crispy bacon 
€ 9.50

Green basil bavioli filled with mozzarella, with concassè tomatoes
€ 11.00

Maccheroncini with boar ragù, bean and bacon
€ 11.00

Tagliatelle with trout ragout, lemon and thyme
€ 12.00





Veal scaloppine with mushrooms
€ 15.00

"Mediterranea style" TSliced Beef steak: with extra virgin olive oil, capers, olives and dried tomatoes
€ 15.00

Mixed BBQ with green sauce
€ 13.00

Veal ribe eye steak
€ 15.00

Scottona Fiorentina ribe eye steak
€ 5.00/hg

Scottona ribe eye steak
 € 4.50/hg

Gardesana-style pike (EVO oil sauce, capers, salted sardines, onions and parsley)
€ 14.00

Grilled salmon trout fillet
€ 12.00

* Shrimp tails with Garda extra virgin olive oil vegetables
€ 15.00