Santa maria annunziata di Salò sul lago di Garda

Santa Maria Annunziata Salò

The construction of the Duomo di Santa Maria Annunziata in Salò was started in 1453 according to the design of Filippo delle Vacche. The Renaissance portal by Antonio della Porta and Gasparo da Coirano is from 1509.
The Gothic interior is a container of valuable works of art. In the first chapel on the right is the wood group of the Death of Christ (XVI cent.). There are also numerous paintings by Zenon Veronese, Palma Junior (author also of the Assumption frescoed in the vault of the presbytery and the shutters of the Antegnati organ) and Andrea Celesti.
The 1400s main altar-piece is a work by Bartolomeo da Isola Dovarese, with statues by Pietro Bussolo. The candelabra are made of melted bronze from cannons conquered from the Turks. The chapel of the Holy Sacrament was decorated at the end of the XVI cent. by Malosso.
There are two paintings by Romanino in the left nave: the St. Anthony from Padova and the St. Mary with the Baby Jesus and Saints. In the penultimate left altar, the St. Anthony Between the Saints Rock and Sebastian could be by Moretto. In the Baptistery, there is a wooden Christ Crucified by Giovanni da Ulma and next to it, a polyptych of the Virgin on the throne with Saints by Guglielmo Veneziano (XIV cent.).
Santa Maria Annunziata Salò